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The agricultural hose guide ‘Doldolri’

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The agricultural hose guide ‘Doldolri’


The agricultural hose guide device 'DolDoRi' is the perfect tool for preventing damage to crops and entanglement of a hose(>100m) while spraying agricultural chemicals and liquid fertilizer or watering, and allows a single worker to conveniently install it without the aid of others.

An agricultural hose guide device 'DolDoRi' comprises: a pile(1) which is stuck in the surface and is expanded upward; a fixed shaft(2) which is formed into a cylindrical shape and has a pile insertion hole; a bottom support disk(3) in which a first fixed shaft insertion hole is formed; a fixed member(5) in which a second fixed shaft insertion hole, first and second bearing insertion grooves, and a third stepped unit are formed; and first and second bearings corresponding to the first and second bearing insertion grooves.


In 2013, I received the highest award from the first ideas of agri-food to a venture start-up contest with multipurpose produce carrier and hose guide, support frame of weed cutter.
So, I am in the business as agricultural hose guide doldolri and support frame of weed cutter ‘A-pyun-hae’.

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The agricultural hose guide _Doldolri_

The agricultural hose guide _Doldolri_

The agricultural hose guide _Doldolri_